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Dance Schools

I really need your help. I have decided to follow my dreams and study dance. I have a few school’s which sound really great and I would like to know if some of you have applied there or are even students at those institutions. I have the American citizenship, yes.

- Alvin Ailey Dance School
- Codarts Rotterdam
- Amsterdam School of the Arts
- The Urdang Academy
- HfMT Köln
- Palucca Dresden

I’m looking for a not only ballet school. I want do a mix of modern and contemporary as well. That’s why I have already looked through these schools. 

Can anyone help me out?

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  1. bethechange3 answered: Alvin Ailey!
  2. jennnyy-m answered: Point Park University
  3. inmuse answered: Alvin Ailey is the best!
  4. culturedchica answered: - laines school of theatre arts
  5. yourexeterlove answered: I can’t really help you but i just wanted to wish you the best of luck!
  6. blackcalendula answered: I’d chose Amsterdam School of the Arts, or New York City Ballet if I were you
  7. barefootandpensive answered: North Carolina School of the Arts is a good one, and I currently attend Columbia College Chicago, which has a strong Modern program.
  8. thesoilofmybrain answered: There’s no apostrophe in schools. Use proper punctuation and you’ll get in to them all!
  9. yungsydb answered: high school? canadas national ballet school. does modern and contemporary as well
  10. wewantbieber answered: omg! u should attend alvin ailey school! Its good!
  11. rhuuude said: Also Toronto, Canada has a great dance repertoire. I’m not going to butcher the name of the school. And also, Decidedly Jazz Dance in Calgary, Alberta.
  12. rhuuude answered: Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal, Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre (The Artistic Director, Cornelius Carter does AA in the summer.)
  13. mousetrapsforcupcakes answered: One of the girls from my studio dances at Alvin Ailey now! She absolutely LOVES it!!!!
  14. laugh-live-dance answered: Alvin Ailey dance school
  15. rokme17 answered: how old are you ?
  16. behappylovey answered: URDANG ACADEMY <3 <3
  17. chaipierce answered: julliard
  18. storieswewillnevertell answered: julliard or princeton in the us
  19. zacharyaman answered: University of Central Oklahoma.
  20. emmastreetime answered: Alvin Ailey Dance School
  21. cashcoats said: The Ailey school is really strict. Amazing, but super strict and mainly Horton and ballet. I applied for their summer workshop but didn’t get in.
  22. missdomzie answered: Alvin Ailey is really good for both ballet modern and contemporary! and you should also try Julliard’s summer intensive .
  23. danceforyourownblisss answered: alvin ailey is amazing!
  24. fierceidiot answered: I have a friend who goes to Amsterdan School of the Arts, and she LOVES it. She says she highly reccomends it
  25. breatheclaire answered: In the UK, try Rambert School :) Good luck! xx
  26. aalyarocks answered: i’m sorry i don’t actually have an answer for you, but it’s so warming to see you following your dreams! all the best dear(: God bless!
  27. highkickshighhopes answered: I’m an Ailey School alum, and all I can say is that it’s IT’S AMAZING. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
  28. breathe-me1 answered: I know that Joffrey has a year round intensive program. I think it’s like an apprenticeship. Check it out.
  29. ellestanol answered: I’m in the Ailey Professional Division but the undergraduate studies are equally amazing.
  30. clementinesundaes said: also definitely go for alvin ailey and amsterdam school of the arts! and go for Trinity Laban (because I’ve got in there this year :P)
  31. clementinesundaes answered: urdang are quite tricky to get into, one girl from my school is AMAZING but she didn’t get in, yet another girl from my school did
  32. lelemodern answered: boston conservatory is a great reach! i applied to alvin ailey last year…it was a bit of a reach. way too competitive.
  33. hopeless-romantique answered: Alvin Ailey is amazing!
  34. fareintheforest answered: the boston conservatory, im a student there now
  35. be-youtiful-princess answered: ALVIN AILEY!!!
  36. regalvibes answered: Alvin Ailey Dance School
  37. dancinginthesetrees answered: If you’re looking for a college, I can’t recommend Cornish enough. I absolutely love it here and the focus is so much on creating art.
  38. girlwith-thelionheart answered: Virginia Commonwealth University has a duel degree program with the Richmond Ballet. Both schools are excellent
  39. jasbeaw answered: i know people who go to alvin ailey and they love it.
  40. keepcalm-d-a-n-c-e-on answered: I went to the ailey summer intensive and I absolutely loved it! It’s amazing! Students and teachers as well!
  41. wakingupmaggie answered: I know someone who just auditioned for alvin aiely
  42. choupettita said: Alvin Ailey!