Dancers are the athletes of God.

a quote by Albert Einstein

My name is Vanessa and I have been dancing for 18 years now. Most of the time ballet but over the years other styles followed (jazz, modern, tap, charleston, a bit hip hop and breakdance).
Every picture I post has touched me in a certain way and is how I feel about dancing. For me dancing is the most perfect and wonderful movement in the world.
I hope a lot of people feel inspired through this tumblr to believe in the power of dancing and will always love it.


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Over 10.000 Followers! Thank you all so very very much! This is amazing. I would have never ever thought about this becoming so big and so important to a lot of people. Every day I get so lovely and kind mails and they just make me smile. You are great, each and every one of you out there supporting this tumblr. Big big thank you!
Vanessa S. 

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Monday Aug 8 @ 04:52pm
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