Dancers are the athletes of God.

a quote by Albert Einstein

My name is Vanessa and I have been dancing for 18 years now. Most of the time ballet but over the years other styles followed (jazz, modern, tap, charleston, a bit hip hop and breakdance).
Every picture I post has touched me in a certain way and is how I feel about dancing. For me dancing is the most perfect and wonderful movement in the world.
I hope a lot of people feel inspired through this tumblr to believe in the power of dancing and will always love it.


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Dance Schools

I really need your help. I have decided to follow my dreams and study dance. I have a few school’s which sound really great and I would like to know if some of you have applied there or are even students at those institutions. I have the American citizenship, yes.

- Alvin Ailey Dance School
- Codarts Rotterdam
- Amsterdam School of the Arts
- The Urdang Academy
- HfMT Köln
- Palucca Dresden

I’m looking for a not only ballet school. I want do a mix of modern and contemporary as well. That’s why I have already looked through these schools. 

Can anyone help me out?

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